• Baba Sali Kiddush Cup

Perfect for those with a spiritual appreciation of the Kabbalah and its teachings.

The outside of the cup features an engraving of Baba Sali, a famous Moroccan Kabbalist buried in the Israeli city of Netivot, and an elaborately decorated filigree design.

The inside features the inscribed "Rashash", a Kabbalistic arrangement of the names of the Biblical rivers that sprung from the Garden of Eden. It is believed to be a segulah - charm - for all kinds of blessings and fortunes. Its matching saucer is imprinted with the Hebrew words "Borei Peri Hagafen", part of the blessing for wine and decorated with grapevines.

This luminous Kiddush cup will make a stunning addition to your Shabbat table!

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Baba Sali Kiddush Cup

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