About Us

Welcome to Seven Judaica's official web store.

Our online store features an interactive, user-friendly interface allowing customers to easily view our wide range of products.

Based in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, the cultural capital of Israel, Seven Judaica brings you a taste of the immortal spirit of the Holy Land.

Here you can find Unique Jewelry, Decorations, Art, Delicatessen, Dead Sea products, Holiday gifts and more. So dive into our vast collection of products, which denotes the very essence of traditional and contemporary Israel.

We are committed to bringing you the best Israel has to offer. Moreover, you will see that our prices are fair and competitive.

Our personal mission is delivering to you exceptional and memorable Israeli, Jewish art and Judacia, wherever in the world you may be. Furthermore we are committed to our ever-growing online community, dedicated to fostering loving support of the Land of Israel!